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Here you will find news that are of general interest or relevant to all groups within the D-CHAB. Please note that news that are of interest to a particular Laboratories/Institutes are displayed in the Laboratories/Institutes News only.


Breaking the Code

The group of Prof. Copéret and an international team of researchers show how NMR spectroscopy can be used to understand and predict the electronic structure and reactivity of molecules by decoding the information contained in the NMR chemical shift. Read more 


Prof. em. Quack elected Foreign Honorary Member of the AAAS

In 2017, Prof. em. Martin Quack was newly elected Foreign Honorary Member by the by American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Read more 


Prof. Riniker receives the OpenEye Outstanding Junior Faculty Award

The American Chemical Society COMP OpenEye Outstanding Junior Faculty Award is given annualy for outstanding tenure-track junior faculty members. Read more 


Highly Efficient Catalyst for Hydrogen Production from Formaldehyde

In their latest publication, Prof. Grützmacher and his research group demonstrate that formaldehyde can be used as a very suitable small organic molecule to store hydrogen. Newly developed diolefin-ruthenium complexes can catalyze the production of H2  from formaldehyde and water in the presence of a base. Read more 


Open Faculty Position: Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) of Inorganic Chemistry

The Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry (LAC) is looking for a new assistant professor to develop an outstanding research programme in the broad area of molecular and/or physical inorganic chemistry. His or her research activities should be at the interface to other disciplines such as physics, materials, or biological sciences. Read more 


Prof. Riniker receives the 9th Silver Jubilee Award

The Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society (MGMS) recognises Prof. Riniker's ongoing research work on the applications of molecular dynamics in biomolecular systems with the 9th Silver Jubilee Award. Read more 


New catalyst to directly convert methane to methanol with water

Prof. van Bokhoven's Laboratory for Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry developed a new method for converting Methane directly into Methanol without by-products. Read more 


Prof. Pérez-Ramírez wins the RSC Sustainable Energy Award

The 2017 Sustainable Energy Award goes to Prof. Javier Pérez-Ramírez. He is awarded for identifying and developing materials that can improve the industrial manufacture of chemicals and fuels using natural resources more efficiently and focusing more on renewable energy sources. Read more 


Nanomagnets for Data Storage

Prof. Copéret and an international team of researchers are developing a new method of storing data in single-molecule magnets using the magnetization of dysprosium atoms. Their findings could lead to devices with yet unacheived storage capacity. Read more 


A DNA test for Gemstones

ETH Spin-off Healixa developed a new tagging procedure for gemstones. This DNA-based technology enables consumers to know where their jewelry comes from. The tagging is a nanotechnology-based proof of origin that opens up new possibilities for mapping other natural resources as well. Read more 

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