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Communicating the research output, beside the traditional publication in scientific journals, into the public and scientific community is an important task.

This is why the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences (D-CHAB) has established a new function in 2015, Scientific Communication, aimed to foster the translation and communication of its research output into the scientific community and the public.

This new unit, in addition to Public Relations, is responsible for all science-related communication and outreach activities.

This includes also the responsibility for the new D-CHAB website, launched in August 2015.

What is Science Communication?

Science Communication is defined as the use of appropriate skills, media, activities and dialogue to produce one or more of the following personal responses to science – the AEIOU vowel analogy [1]:

  • Awareness, including familiarity with new aspects of science
  • Enjoyment or other affective responses, appreciating science
  • Interest, as evidenced by involvement with science or its communication
  • Opinions, the forming, reforming, or confirming of science-related attidudes
  • Understanding of science, its content, processes, and social factors

[1]: T.W. Burns, D.J. O’Connor, and S.M. Stocklmayer: Science Communication: a contemporary definition. Public understanding of Science 12 (2003) 1983–202. doi: 10.1177/09636625030122004

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