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If you are interested in a position for a Master of Science, PhD, or Postdoc, please refer to the research group pages.

Jobs at ETH Zurich

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Position Empl. % Unit Date
Postdoctoral Position in NMR Methods Development for Fast MAS (>200 kHz) 100% Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences 08.06.2017
Postdoctoral Position in Development and Construction of MAS System for NMR Instrumentation (including Computational Fluid Dynamics) 100% Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences 07.06.2017
Chemielaborant/in 60 % 100% Institut für Chemie- und Bioingenieurwissenschaften (ICB) 07.07.2017
Group Leader (Oberassistent) in drug delivery 100% Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (IPW) 16.06.2017
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Open faculty positions

Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) of Pharmacoepidemiology*

Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) of Inorganic Chemistry

* The selection committee has started the selection process; applications may still be submitted.

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