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IT Policy at the D-CHAB

Information technology resources (network, work station, server, printer etc.) are made available by the ETH Zurich for the realization of the work at the D-CHAB. The private use is permitted, however, should affect the official use of the IT resources at no time (temporal extent of the use, data volume, security etc.). Every user is urged while using the IT resources of the ETH Zurich to pay special attention to security (virus, running unnecessary services) as well as not to endanger other users at their work or to interfere with their work.

The following rules were approved by the DK in 2004:

  • Any installation of software (games, peer2peer, non-licensed programs) on IT resources of the ETH Zurich is prohibited. If the installation of a program is necessary for the official work, it is carried out by the responsible system administrator of your area (group, institute, department).
  • After the installation of software on your private IT resources (e. g., laptops) which are connected to the research network of the ETH Zurich, special attention must be paid to security (viruses, trojans etc.).
  • Virus protection and latest patches have to be installed on all IT resources (ETH-owned as well as private). The installation is carried out by the responsible system administrator.
  • The distribution of copyrighted material (music, pictures, films, files) is prohibited without approval of the license owner.
  • The sharing of folders is permitted only with password protection and should not occur permanently. For permanently shared folders without password, the IT organizations provide special services.
  • If you must connect an outdated system (e. g., Windows XP) permanently to the network of the ETH Zurich, please contact the person responsible for your network.
  • Sharing passwords with third parties is strictly prohibited
  • When not in use of the work station, please terminate the session by logging off or lock the system with a password-protected screen saver.
  • Changes of network settings, network services and locations of IT resources (except laptops) may not be made or are to be announced to the system responsible person / network responsible person.

Moreover, the following legal aspects are valid:

Good IT Practices

The following points are a recommendation and should be considered:

  • Environment protection: Overnight work stations (PC, Macs, Unix Workstations) are to be switched off on weekends / holidays.
  • Security: On the work station you should authenticate as administrator or root for as short as possible only for administrative purposes (installation of software, configuration).
  • Viruses / Trojans: Do not execute attachments of emails you do not know the sender of, or if you do not expect an attachment from the sender.
  • Backup: Every user is responsible for their data and should make a backup regularly (at least once per day / week).
  • Social safeguarding: You know the person responsible for your system and network and turn to him with problems or questions.

In case of noncompliance with the above rules, measures will be taken (e.g. disconnection from the network of the ETH Zurich) by your supervisor or superordinate office (IT-services, Executive Board) depending on the extent and gravity of the violation.

This code was decided by the departmental conference of the D-CHAB on the 25th of October, 2004, and has been put into force on the 1st of November, 2004 and is valid in all fields of investigation and teaching areas of the D-CHAB and its connected institutes and professorships.

For questions or concerns, please contact your IT coordinator.

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