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Chlorinated hydrocarbons in the wastewater

Chlorinated hydrocarbons in the wastewater

Chemical analysis (P&T GC-MS) of the waste water  on the campus ETH Hönggerberg show a continuous increase in the concentration of volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons (VOC) over the last few years. The results of the last analytics of VOC in April this year show alarmingly high concentrations, this means that we sometimes even overstepped the threshold values prescribed by the Swiss Waters Protection Ordinance (WPO). The threshold value for wastewater is 100 μg Cl/L. Moreover, the detailed analytics reveal that mainly two substances – Methylene Chloride and Chloroform – are responsible for the high concentrations.
We would like to politely point out that any chlorinated solvents must not be disposed of with the waste water, and this also applies for small quantities. Please collect any waste chemicals in appropriate containers and hand it over to our specialists of the hazardous waste disposal facility (HCI 276). We will make subsequent measurements during summer time and expect that the situation will have significantly improved by then.

For more information on our hazardous waste disposal facilities:

Thank you for your attention and your cooperation.
SSHE unit – Dominik Brem (environmental officer)

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