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Aqueous Free-Radical Polymerization of Non-Ionized and Fully Ionized Methacrylic Acid.
Eric J. Fischer, Giuseppe Storti, and Danilo Cuccato
Processes, (2017) Basel: MDPI.
Improving the ceria-mediated water and carbon dioxide splitting through the addition of chromium.
Sotiria Mostrou, Robert Büchel, Sotiris E. Pratsinis, and Jeroen A. van Bokhoven
Applied Catalysis A: General, (2017) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Highly elastomeric poly(3-hydroxyoctanoate) based natural polymer composite for enhanced keratinocyte regeneration.
Ranjana Rai, Judith A. Roether, Jonathan C. Knowles, Nicola Mordan, Vehid Salih, Ian C. Locke, Michael P. Gordge, Aine McCormick, Dirk Mohn, Wendelin J. Stark, Tajalli Keshavarz, Aldo R. Boccaccini, and Ipsita Roy
International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials, (2017) London: Taylor & Francis.
Interactions between the Tetrasodium Salts of EDTA and 1-Hydroxyethane 1,1-Diphosphonic Acid with Sodium Hypochlorite Irrigants.
Philippe Biel, Dirk Mohn, Thomas Attin, and Matthias Zehnder
Journal of Endodontics, (2017) New York: Elsevier.
In situ formation of hydrides and carbides in palladium catalyst: When XANES is better than EXAFS and XRD.
Aram L. Bugaev, Alexander A. Guda, Andrea Lazzarini, Kirill A. Lomachenko, Elena Groppo, Riccardo Pellegrini, Andrea Piovano, Hermann Emerich, Alexander V. Soldatov, Lusegen A. Bugaev, Vladimir P. Dmitriev, Jeroen A. van Bokhoven, and Carlo Lamberti
Catalysis Today, (2017) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Discrimination of active species in liquid-phase hydrogenation on supported noble metal catalyst: An operando spectroscopic study on the asymmetric hydrogenation of ketopantolactone on Pt/Al2O3 and Pt/C modified by cinchonidine.
Laura Rodriguez-Garcia, Konrad Hungerbühler, Alfons Baiker, and Fabian Meemken
Catalysis Today, (2017) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Bioactive glass containing silicone composites for left ventricular assist device drivelines: role of Bioglass 45S5® particle size on mechanical properties and cytocompatibility.
Nicholas H. Cohrs, Konstantin Schulz-Schönhagen, Florian Jenny, Dirk Mohn, and Wendelin J. Stark
Journal of Materials Science, (2017) Berlin: Springer.
Inversion Approach to Validate Mercury Emissions Based on Background Air Monitoring at the High Altitude Research Station Jungfraujoch (3580 m).
Basil Denzler, Christian Bogdal, Stephan Henne, Daniel Obrist, Martin Steinbacher, and Konrad Hungerbühler
Environmental Science & Technology, (2017) Washington, DC: American Chemical Society.
Rapid Production of a Porous Cellulose Acetate Membrane for Water Filtration using Readily Available Chemicals.
Adrian Kaiser, Wendelin J. Stark, and Robert N. Grass
Journal of Chemical Education, (2017) Washington, DC: American Chemical Society.
Dismantling the "Red Wall" of Colloidal Perovskites: Highly Luminescent Formamidinium and Formamidinium–Cesium Lead Iodide Nanocrystals.
Loredana Protesescu, Sergii Yakunin, Sudhir Kumar, Janine Bär, Federica Bertolotti, Norberto Masciocchi, Antonietta Guagliardi, Matthias Grotevent, Ivan Shorubalko, Maryna I. Bodnarchuk, Chih-Jen Shih, and Maksym V. Kovalenko
ACS Nano, (2017) Columbus, OH: American Chemical Society.
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