Meier, Beat H., Prof. Dr.

Prof. Dr.  Beat H. Meier

Prof. Dr. Beat H. Meier

Lab. für Physikalische Chemie 

HCI  D 225 

Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 1-5/10

8093 Zürich


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Curriculum Vitae

Beat H. Meier is a full Professor of physical chemistry at ETH Zurich since July 1998. His research group works in the field of solid-state NMR spectroscopy.

Beat Meier was born in 1954 in Solothurn (Switzerland). He received his Diploma in Chemistry in 1978 and his Ph. D. (under supervision of R.R. Ernst) in 1984, both from ETH Zurich. After two years as a postdoc at the Los Alamos National Labs (USA), he returned to ETH as a staff scientist where he habilitated in 1993. In 1994 he moved to the University of Nijmegen as a full professor in Physical Chemistry and member of the board of the National High-Field NMR facility and the NSR research center.

Research interests include the development of new methods and the improvement on existing pulse sequences in solid-state NMR, with particular emphasis on polarization-transfer techniques, the refinement of the theoretical concepts for the description of spin systems under time-dependent Hamiltonians as well as numerical simulations and the study of local ordering phenomena in macroscopically disordered systems, e.g. glasses, amorphous synthetic polymers, biopolymers and polymerblends using NMR techniques.

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