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Nanomagnets for Data Storage

Prof. Copéret and an international team of researchers are developing a new method of storing data in single-molecule magnets using the magnetization of dysprosium atoms. Their findings could lead to devices with yet unacheived storage capacity. Read more 


Prof. Kovalenko's research under the Top 5 at the 2017 Spark Award

Wtih a new energy storage technology, the team of Prof. Kovalenko reached the top 5 finalists for the Spark Award 2017. They created anew technolog using graphite flakes as cathode material in rechargeable aluminium chloride-graphite batteries. Read more 


Prof. Schmidt appointed head of the PSI's Energy and Environment Research Division (ENE)

Prof. Thomas J. Schmidt will become the new head of the Energy and Environment Research Division (ENE) of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in 2018. The PSI's energy research is concerned with processes that can be used in sustainable and safe technologies for the most carbon neutral energy supply possible. Read more 


25 April 2017, Kolloquium

Anharmonic theoretical vibrational spectroscopy for large molecules

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25 April 2017, Seminar

The influence of multi-configurational electronic states on the properties and reactivity of organometallics

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26 April 2017, Seminar

3D Pharmacophores for Hit and Lead Identification: Current and Future Aspects - Seminars on Drug Discovery and Development

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2 May 2017, Kolloquium

Minisymposium Doktorierende

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2 May 2017, Präsentation

LAC PhD Presentation

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8 May 2017, Kolloquium

LOC Seminar - Expanding the Imaging Toolbox

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