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AAPS Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Outstanding Research Award for Prof. Leroux

Prof. Leroux received the 2016 "Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Outstanding Research Award" from the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) for his contributions to the application of lipid excipients in development of novel and effective drug delivery systems. Read more 


Prof. Halin wins the Golden Owl 2016

This year's Golden Owl goes to Prof. Halin from the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Every year the students decide who is given this award to honor lecturers for their excellent teaching ablilties. Read more 


Prof. Leroux again on Thomson Reuters' list of highly cited scientists

Thomson Reuters' list "Highly Cited Researchers from the Intellectual Property (IP) and Science business 2016" recognizes leading researchers from around the world. Only papers of the past 10 years that rank in the top 1% by citation are considered. Prof. Leroux made this list for the third time in a row. Read more 


6 December 2016, Präsentation

(Coffee Lecture No. 23) - Science of Synthesis

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6 December 2016, Kolloquium

Minisymposium Doktorierende

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6 December 2016, Kolloquium

LAC Lecture Series - Functionalization of remote C-H bonds by migratory cross-coupling

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7 December 2016, Präsentation

Coffee Lecture (No. 54) - 3D images with PyMOL in publication quality

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8 December 2016, Präsentation

Coffee Lecture (No. 6) - Get to know KnowItAll: A data¬base with over 2 million spectra

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12 December 2016, Kolloquium

Catalysis with Silicon and Boron

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