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Prof. Novák appointed as ISE Fellow of the International Society of Electrochemistry

Prof. Petr Novák was appointed as Fellow of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) in recognition of his outstanding contributions to Electrochemistry. Read more 


Oxidized fatty acids as inflammation inhibitors

Researchers in Prof. Carreira's group have synthesized fatty acids that result from oxidative stress in the body. The laboratory variants turned out to be more potent anti-inflammatories than the natural ones, and have now been patented. Read more 


Jeremy Richardson new Professor at the LPC

On September 1, Jeremy Richardson will start as an Assistant Professor with tenure track at the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry. His main research focus is the theoretical description of quantum dynamical processes in complex systems. Read more 


6 September 2016, Kolloquium

LAC Lecture Series - Super Bulky Amides: New Ligands for the Stabilization of Synthetically Applicable Low-Valent Main Group Complexes

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16 September 2016, Kolloquium

LAC Special Seminar Grützmacher Group - Structure, Bonding and Mechanism in Iron-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling

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23 September 2016, Antrittsvorlesung

Breath analysis for clinical diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring

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29 September 2016, Einführungsvorlesung

Chemical Tools to Visualize and Control Biological Processes

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4 October 2016, Kolloquium

LAC Lecture Series - Nanosized Transition Metal Clusters with Main Group Elements as Ligands; Synthesis, Structures and Properties

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11 October 2016, Kolloquium

LAC Lecture Series - Ménage-à-Trois: Single-atom Catalysis, Mass Spectrometry, and Computational Chemistry

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