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Prof. Hilvert elected member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, whose purpose it is "to cultivate every art and science which may tend to advance the interest, honor, dignity, and happiness of a free, independent, and virtuous people", has elected Prof. Donald Hilvert as a new member in 2016. Read more 


Prof. Carreira’s spin-off in the news

An article of the NZZ about five startup companies features the ETHZ spin-off Glycemicon and its improved treatment possibilities of diabetes. Glycemicon is co-founded by Prof Erick M. Carreira. Read more 


Spark Award 2016

Prof. Jean-Christophe Leroux and Prof. Michael Detmar are among the top 5 finalists for the Spark Award 2016. They reached the finals with a new method enabling fluorescent imaging of the lymphatic system Read more 


3 May 2016, Kolloquium

Structural and Dynamic Studies of Protein Assemblies by Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy

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4 May 2016, Seminar

Microfluidic Technologies for bottom-up construction of artificial cells

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6 May 2016, Seminar

Prof. Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy - Understanding the Emergence of RNA, Peptides and the Origins of Life

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9 May 2016, Kolloquium

New Vistas in Fullerene World: Endohedral Metallofullerenes

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10 May 2016, Kolloquium

Dynamics of crystalline proteins and large enzymatic assemblies observed at atomic resolution

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10 May 2016, Kolloquium

LAC Lecture Series - (Photo)electrochemical reduction of CO2: from molecular complexes to heterogeneous catalysts

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