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Carus Medal

Prof. Dr. Hans Jakob Wörner is awarded the Carus Medal for his research on time-dependent quantum mechanics using subfemtosecond spectroscopy. Read more 


Fresenius Prize

Prof. Renato Zenobi receives the Fresenius Prize for outstanding achievements in nanoscale analytical methods. Read more 


ERC Advanced Grant

Prof. Dario Neri receives the ERC Advanced Grant for research on therapeutic agents with "activity on demand" Read more 


6 October 2015, Colloquium

Solid-state NMR approaches for the investigation of large proteins

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7 October 2015, Seminar

De novo drug design - Seminars on Drug Discovery and Development

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12 October 2015, Colloquium

Ni-Catalyzed Reductive Carboxylation Techniques and C-O Cleavage

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14 October 2015, Seminar

A combinatorial approach to discover new ligands and to profile inhibitors on oncology targets of the purinome - Seminars on Drug Discovery and Development

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19 October 2015, Colloquium

Design and Application of Simple Hydrogen Bond Donors as Enantioselective Catalysts

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20 October 2015, Colloquium

From para-hydrogen to para-water: a forbidden fruit?

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