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Prof. Antonio Mezzetti's article in C&EN

The article "Highly Enantioselective Transfer Hydrogenation of Polar Double Bonds by Macrocyclic Iron(II)/(NH)2P2 Catalysts" by Prof. Antonio Mezzetti and his PhD Raphael Bigler is highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News Read more 


LAC L. M. Venanzi Lecture 2016

The LAC is proud to welcome Prof. Dr. T. Don Tilley (UC Berkeley) as the lecturer during the LAC L. M. Venanzi Distinguished Lecture 2016. He will deliver two talks on April 12 and April 13. Read more 


Oskar Jeger Scholarship

From March 1 to 31, 2016, the call for applications for the Oskar Jeger Scholarship is open. The scholarship is offered to master student candidates of the period 2016/17. Eligible are students in organic chemistry and biological chemistry. Read more 


16 February 2016, Kolloquium

LAC Lecture Series - Solar Energy with a Twist: Dynamic Disorder in Hybrid Perovskites

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23 February 2016, Präsentation

Coffee Lecture (No. 10) - EndNote X7. The most important features.

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23 February 2016, Kolloquium

Minisymposium Doktorierende/PhD Students

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24 February 2016, Präsentation

Coffee Lecture (No. 48) - Reaxys search strategies: Markush structure searching

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24 February 2016, Seminar

The interplay of Drug Transporters & Nuclear Receptors - a reason for interindividual differences in drug response? - Seminars on Drug Discovery and Development

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25 February 2016, Präsentation

Coffee Lecture (No. 49) - ChemDraw – for beginners and professionals

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