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Treating the inflammation in lymphedema

Prof. Detmar and collaborators could show that the immune system suppresses the development of lymphedema using regulatory T cells. Anti-inflammatory therapies could therefore be the key to treating this previously incurable condition. Read more 


SCNAT Ethics Lecture Tours

Platform Chemistry of the SCNAT organizes lecture tours on ethics in chemistry. Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Kovac from the University of Tennessee will give a lecture on concepts of scientific ethics at ETH in November. The lecture will be hosted by Prof. Christophe Copéret. Read more 


Prof. Carreira wins Karl Ziegler Guest Professorship

This year's honorary prize of the MPI Mülheim went to Prof. Carreira: During the Karl Ziegler Guest Professorship 2016 from June 7 to 9, he gave several lectures at the Max Planck Institute für Kohlenforschung and was available for discussions with the local researchers and students. Read more 


24 October 2016, Kolloquium

Tissue-typing: Imaging the Molecular Complexity of Health and Disease

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25 October 2016, Kolloquium

Beyond plasmonics: perovskite nanomaterials for enhancing nonlinear optical signals

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26 October 2016, Seminar

Privileged Structures: a versatile concept to explore new chemical space with Medicinal Chemistry utility - Seminars on Drug Discovery and Development

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1 November 2016, Kolloquium

Electric Interactions and Structure Fluctuations of Hydrated DNA Mapped by 2D Infrared Spectroscopy

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2 November 2016, Kolloquium

SCNAT Ethics Lecture Tour 2016 / ETH D-CHAB - What is an Ethical Chemist?

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2 November 2016, Seminar

What T cells see on human cancer - Speiser Award / Seminars on Drug Discovery and Development

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