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Here you will find information on major awards and grants that have been awarded to members of the Department of Chemistry Applied Biosciences (D-CHAB).


Prof. Riniker receives the 9th Silver Jubilee Award

The Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society (MGMS) recognises Prof. Riniker's ongoing research work on the applications of molecular dynamics in biomolecular systems with the 9th Silver Jubilee Award. Read more 


Prof. Kovalenko's research under the Top 5 at the 2017 Spark Award

Wtih a new energy storage technology, the team of Prof. Kovalenko reached the top 5 finalists for the Spark Award 2017. They created anew technolog using graphite flakes as cathode material in rechargeable aluminium chloride-graphite batteries. Read more 


Prof. Copéret receives the Wheland Award from the University of Chicago

Prof. Copéret receives the Wheland Award 2017/2018 from the Department of Chemistry of the University of Chicago. The award is given biannually to a scientist who has made outstanding contributions to chemistry. Read more 


Prof. Shih receives the Victor K. LaMer Award from the ACS

Prof. Chih-Jen Shih from the Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering (ICB) is awarded by the American Chemical Society for his research in colloid and surface chemistry. Read more 


Prof. Wennemers receives the Inhoffen Medal

The Inhoffen Medal is the most prestigious german prize within the area of natural compound chemistry. Prof. Helma Wennemers will receive this prize at the Inhoffen Lecture in July 2017. Read more 

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