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Up to five important highlights are featured on the starting page of the D-CHAB website. Those highlights include major scientific findings, awards, grants or organizational matters. Highlights that are no longer visible on the starting page can be viewed here.


Analysis of exhaled breath for diagnostics

In collaboration with the University Hospital Zurich, Prof. Zenobi is developing new non-invasive methods for diagnostics. Exhaled breath is analyzed with high-resolution mass spectrometry to diagnose lung diseases and monitor drugs. Read more 


Prof. Diederich receives the Nauta Award for Pharmacochemistry

Prof. Diederich receives the "Nauta Award for Pharmacochemistry" for his outstanding contributions to Medicinal Chemistry and the development of international organizational structures in the field. This is the most important award for Medicinal Chemistry in Europe. Read more 


Paradigm shift in industrial catalysis

Alkene metathesis is a common chemical reaction used to produce millions of tons of propene annually. A team of researchers from the laboratories of Prof. Copéret (ETH Zürich) and Mashima (Osaka University) just discovered a new approach to activate catalysts that can reduce the standard reaction temperatures for alkene metathesis from about 400°C to 70°C. At such a low temperature even biomass-derived materials can be transformed. Read more 


Using sunlight to convert CO₂ to fuel

Prof. van Bokhoven's research group unveiled a chemical process that uses the sun’s thermal energy to convert carbon dioxide and water directly into high-energy fuels. This discovery marks a significant step towards the chemical storage of solar energy. Read more 


Prof. Christophe Copéret wins the 2016 Max Rössler Prize

Prof. Christophe Copéret is awarded this year's Max Rössler Prize for his research on functional materials, such as solid catalysts, the derivatization of microelectronic devices, and developing new imaging techniques to visualize individual particles or track metabolites in the human body. Read more 


Chemicals from Wood Waste

Researchers in the group of Prof. Hungerbühler evaluated the sustainability and environmental impact of using wood waste as a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative for oil in the production of succinic acid. Read more 


Research Output Visualization 2015

The research output of the D-CHAB in 2015 has been visualized using the title words of the articles. This reflects – among others – 662 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.   Read more 


ETH Zurich presents the first KITE award for innovation in teaching

At ETH Zurich, teaching and innovative teaching concepts are just as important as innovative research. Thus, ETH Lecturers’ Conference (KdL) has created the KITE Award for Key Innovation in Teaching at ETH with a view to supporting the development of excellent teaching concepts. Among the more than two dozen projects that had been nominated was also one from Professor Gisbert Schneider from D-CHAB, who made it into the group of the three finalists of the first KITE award Read more 


New catalyst for large scale carbon dioxide hydrogenation to methanol

Prof. Pérez-Ramírez and his group discovered a new highly stable indium-based catalyst for the hydrogenation of CO2 to methanol under conditions similar to those required for industrial production. Read more 


Listening in on the Chemistry of Aerosols

Scientists in the group of Prof. Signorell could for the first time precisely mimic the rate of chemical reactions that take place in aerosol droplets in the atmosphere. A new experimental setup enabled them to demonstrate that tiny droplets can act as focusing lenses for sunlight, accelerating photochemistry by up to an order of magnitude. Read more 

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